Lesser health issues, more carpet cleaning tips

The carpet is known to inhibit dust as well as a host of indoor allergens including mould, dust mites and fungi. Carpet isn’t popular in homes with kids because parents fear their children might inhale dirty air particles, which can lead to respiratory diseases like asthma.

Carpet can pose a danger to your health, but it shouldn’t be banned. With its vibrant texture and design, it can be a beautiful addition to your interior design.

Allergies lessened by clean carpet

A well-maintained carpet or rug will look and smell better. It is also healthier than poorly maintained carpet. This is because carpets with a good maintenance record have less dust, more airborne dirt particles, and less microorganisms that could cause allergies.

There is no reason to think you can’t have one in either your home or workplace.

Today, there are many carpet cleaning like Evansville carpet cleaning companies on the market. We are spoiled for choice. However, it is crucial to choose the right carpet cleaning product and method to clean your carpet.

These are some of the most common problems with carpet cleaning

  • It seems to get soiled again after being cleaned.
  • After the carpet is cleaned, it becomes musky.
  • Carpet color runs during the cleaning process.
  • Carpets require a lot of time to dry, as it can take several hours or even days for them to dry after being cleaned.

Why is dry carpet cleaning better than wet cleaning?

Dry carpet cleaning technology, also known as “very little moisture” carpet cleaners, has been developed to provide a different cleaning method to existing wet carpet cleaning methods. This promises to deliver a more effective cleaning result without the inconvenience of prolonged drying times and the potential damage to carpet.

There are two processes for dry carpet cleaning.

Dry compound carpet cleaning

The carpet will be brushed with a counter rotating brush that uses biodegradable cleaning compounds or moistured micro sponges. These sponges will absorb dirt from the carpet, and any soiled substances will be removed by your machine or vacuumed out at the end.


The cleaning product’s polymers “crystalize” dirt particles to form dry residue. After that, the product will be removed.

You can expect the following benefits, despite all the technical jargon. A well-done dry carpet cleaning service provider will clean your carpet.

  • Carpet that has been thoroughly cleaned will have a lower chance of carpet resoiling. This is normally done with a machine that uses a rotating brush to lift the dirt particles embedded in the carpet pile.
  • Because very little liquid is used during carpet cleaning, it remains slightly damp or dry throughout. The cleaning process is quick and easy with minimal downtime.
  • You can save time and money by avoiding downtime.
  • It is important to promise that the carpet will not shrink or change colour.
  • A carpet with minimal chemical and fluid application would not have a high chemical residue. It would also not smell bad if it was not dried properly after a wet cleaning treatment.
  • You will be pleased to learn that most dry carpet cleaning systems use biodegradable material as the main cleaning agent.

Dry carpet cleaning is sometimes misunderstood to be a cleaning method for light soiling or periodic maintenance. The dry cleaning system was designed to clean the carpet surface, not deep carpet cleaning.

The development and research of dry carpet cleaning systems have led to a wide range of stain removers that can be used on stubborn stains or heavily soiled carpets. These stain removers effectively break down various types stains, such as grease, food, and glue.

Although dry carpet cleaning is growing in popularity due to its technological advantages, it is still a smart choice to ask your carpet manufacturer or retailer about their recommended cleaning method.