How to prolong the life expectancy of a cartridge heater

You need to purchase a new vehicle. Cartridge heater You can do it again. These heating elements are among the most reliable and durable available. So, why did the previous one fail so quickly?

Most cases are due to improper installation or care.

Cartridge Heating is an alternative method for heat transfer. They are compact and durable and can be used for heavy-duty applications like heating injection molds and die blocks, components and devices that are susceptible to condensation, as well as liquids.

They can reach temperatures up to 750°C, and all heat energy generated is transferred into the solid metal. This makes it the most efficient method of getting heat into a metallic body. Direct contact is the best way to heat transfer. Cartridge heaters are made to fit into any diameter hole. It is crucial to choose the correct size cartridge heater for your application. If it doesn’t, it will likely self-heat and eventually go out of business. To get more additional information check high density cartridge heaters manufacturers

There are some things you can do to prolong the life of your cartridge heater. We are experts in this area so we thought we would shed some light on the subject. We offer some tips to help you look after your product so that it doesn’t fail in the future.

Three tips to prolong the life of your cartridge heater

1. Avoid contamination

You need to protect your cartridge heater from possible contaminants in order to get the best out of it. You can use liquids or gases such as oils, lubricants, and sprays. The heating element could be damaged if any of these substances enter it.

Also, keep in mind that your cartridge heater pulls air from the environment every time it expands or contracts. The heater’s performance can be affected by moisture and impurities. It is important to choose a heater that has the right seals.

2. Ensure the heating element fits snugly

Because they aren’t the right size, cartridge heaters can fail early.

The mould should be snugly fitted with the element. The heater will heat up more slowly if it is not snugly fitted inside the mould. Over-heating can cause damage to the heater and decrease its lifespan.

The heater’s diameter should not be more than the mold’s diameter.

3. Avoid excessive cycling

The cartridge heating element will turn on and off quickly if it has a higher wattage that is needed. To maintain the desired temperature, it will switch on and off at a rapid rate (e.g. every 30-60 seconds). This is called excessive temperature cycling. This can quickly oxidize resistance wires, leading to heater failure.

It’s worth researching to avoid over-heating. Always Set the lowest wattage heater to meet your application’s requirements before purchasing one.

Are you having trouble choosing the right cartridge heater for your needs?

Cartridge heaters can be a sturdy and long-lasting piece of equipment. Nine out of ten times, they will fail prematurely because the right size or wattage was used. We can help you with that.