Biofeedback Treatment For Many Conditions

Biofeedback (also referred to as neurofeedback) was used as an alternative remedy for many different ailments for many decades. The technique entails digital monitoring to ascertain when you have subconscious, bodily responses to a particular stressor. The instrumentation then emits a sign so you can become consciously aware of origin of this physiological shift. You then can either alter or remove the reason, or knowingly alter your response to the stimulation.

Biofeedback techniques have been used to treat conditions such as:


Biofeedback treatment works under the concept that lots of physiological disorders may be brought on by improper physiological responses to outside stimuli or anxieties. There are lots of levels of anxiety reactions the body develops throughout that you want to comprehend.

First: Normal reaction to an external strain. This anxiety can be physical, psychological, or compound. A standard response is a rise in blood pressure and heart rate to mobilize the body’s normal physiological ‘flight or fight’ response. This reaction is generally short lived, and also the physiological growth in physical functions contributes to normal within a brief time period. This recovery period is utilized by the body to rejuvenate its own reservations, save energy, and get ready for another ’emergency’. This is a healthy, normal response to stress.

Second: After repeated incidences of external stress, the body habitually acquires this excited state of emergency. The entire nervous system, including the autonomic nervous system is in overdrive. The blood pressure is constantly high, the heart rate is high, all the senses are heightened, and the muscles are constantly tight as a ‘normal’ requirement for the human physique. Insomnia, anxiety attacks, higher blood pressure, muscle tension, and TMJ issues all happen in this level of anxiety reaction.

Third: After a protracted interval of persistent physiological heightened action, the body depletes its energy reserves and enters into a state of fatigue. Lethargy, depression, illness, and even death happens at this level.

Biofeedback can help many people with degree Two or Three stress responses in 2 manners:

First: You want to comprehend the external aspects which are triggering your anxiety reactions. Biofeedback devices quantify your bodily reactions, so you could identify when they start to modify. You should then have the ability to ascertain the reason for the strain by monitoring. As soon as you understand the cause of your anxiety, you’re then in a position to reduce your vulnerability to the anxiety, or change your reply to the anxiety.

Second: Techniques educated by biofeedback therapists will let you recognize your particular answers and instruct you how you can track and alter your own response.

Chiropractic concept has ever claimed the nervous system controls every facet of health in the human body. Biofeedback fits in nicely with chiropractic therapy and doctrine. As soon as your chiropractor gets rid of any disturbance on the nervous system it is possible to use biofeedback to understand to control the nervous system to maximize your wellbeing potential.